The importance of Google Adwords in internet marketing

With the growing use of the web round the world, the importance of e-marketing increases. Today most of the people look for their needs online, and a few folks like better to buy online, et al. compare products online before making the acquisition .

All of those previous factors affected the marketing methods and prompted companies to adopt electronic marketing methods more due to its great impact on obtaining a bigger market share and achieving more sales and profits, and there’s little question that this led to a rise in competition also .

The Pay Per Click method is one among the most and effective methods of Internet marketing. during this way, the advertiser pays for every time the buyer clicks on the advertisement. Therefore, we believe that the value of advertisements could also be large if it’s not managed properly and effectively.

There are many tools to manage this method of e-marketing, but the foremost popular program is Google Adwords.

Google Adwords helps you to make and place your ads on the program , where it appears next to or above the search results, or by placing your ads on the Google Network, which may be a giant network consisting of many websites.

And since the ad appears on the search results, Google Adwords provides us with the choice to settle on the words that the ad appears when checking out it on the Google program . Also, the advertiser sets the utmost that he pays for every one that clicks on the ad. Google also provides us with a feature to settle on words that your ad doesn’t appear once you place them, and these words are called negative words. for instance , if your ad is to sell a car, you’ll put the word free within the negative words, or if your product is dear , we may put the word cheap within the negative words.

To manage ads, we must know the amount of individuals who clicked on the advertisement, so Google Adwords provides us with statistics for the amount of times the ad appears and therefore the search words that the ad appeared when writing it, also because the number of clicks and their rate in reference to the amount of impressions. This program also enables us to trace the amount of consumers who have made a sale or inquired after clicking on your ad.

That is why we believe that despite the convenience of using this program, it needs time and energy to manage ads, because it must be tracked periodically and continuously to take care of the advertisement site and therefore the cost of 1 click and make improvements when needed.


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