How to market through Facebook

All Internet users in most countries of the planet use Facebook, because it is that the third most visited site on the web a day this is often why Facebook is at the forefront of social media sites and on which entire industries and corporations depend.

Because of this great control, Facebook marketing has become a basic necessity for electronic marketing during this era, and a few even believe that each minute that any marketer wastes not counting on Facebook will regret it.

For this purpose, we’ll present the entire strategy for marketing via Facebook during a simple and practical way, in order that it can benefit anyone, whether an expert or a novice within the world of digital marketing.

We at the maza-dat website are constantly developing this strategy so as to stay au courant all the updates and new features released by Facebook from time to time.

Why do you have to shop on Facebook?

According to the official news site of Facebook itself, the amount of its daily active users is 1.56 billion users in late March. Are you imagining, dear marketer, the dimensions of this number.

The average time any user spends on Facebook is hour each day , which is that the highest rate among various social media sites. that’s why Facebook is that the most powerful social media.

And if you think that that the quantity of Facebook usage within the Arab world is little , then you’re wrong. check out the infographic below. you’ll find the amount of users in some Arab countries at the top of last year, and these numbers are constantly increasing.

I was personally surprised by the dimensions of Facebook usage in Egypt, and once I searched, I found that Facebook is that the social networking site Egyptians believe even quite YouTube itself.

The power of knowledge that Facebook has

I think you’ll have followed or heard about the recent news about Facebook selling or leaking of its user data, and also using it within the election process to favor one candidate over another in … the incident referred to as Cambridge Analytica and there are other incidents and news.

This incident alone prompted the Congress to interrogation point Zuckerberg, founding father of Facebook. Not only that, there are many issues that Facebook faces in many countries, especially the ecu Union, and it’s expected that a choice will soon be issued to fine Facebook quite a billion dollars.

You might ask yourself, “Why am I telling you all this?” If Facebook is in a position to influence people to the purpose of controlling elections, then how about its impact on selling some products or increasing conversions to marketers ?!

Facebook is that the most powerful database within the world currently, because it knows almost everything about its users in the least times using advanced algorithms that believe AI .

These tremendous capabilities are currently employed by marketers to win many dollars from Facebook, and there are giant companies and institutions everywhere the planet that believe Facebook completely, and there also are specialized companies that provide marketing services via Facebook.

That is why you want to believe Facebook in your marketing plan, whether free or paid, because the facility of knowledge and analysis that Facebook gives you is extremely strong … so don’t waste the chance .

Determine your goal of selling on Facebook
In which marketing plan do you have to specify the goal of it, what does one want from being on Facebook? you want to answer this question with the utmost precision so as to properly invest some time and energy .

Do you want to urge new customers for your company or service? does one want to sell your products? Or does one want to supply customer service and answer your followers’ inquiries using Facebook?

Do you have an internet site (whether a content site or a web store) or a YouTube channel, and you would like to urge free or paid traffic? If this is often your goal, then Facebook is your best bet.

The more you select a selected goal from the previous (and you’ll specify quite one goal counting on your business), the better your task are going to be , especially in determining the sort of content that you simply publish to your followers.

Know your audience well

As i discussed earlier, Facebook offers great analytics and data for you to use. Through Page Analytics, you’ll learn tons about the interests of your audience.

You can know the sort of content they like also because the times they’re present, their average age and gender, and various information which will definitely assist you in your marketing campaigns and also within the content you provide.

Not only that, you’ll collect information through Facebook pages and groups that are popular in your industry, or that your competitors own, and this manner you’ll know tons of data about them.

When you visit any page, you’ll find on the left (or on the proper if you employ Facebook in Arabic) the word “Info and Ads”, which if you click thereon you’ll be ready to know the ads that this page is being marketed.

In this way, you’ll legitimately spy on the advertising campaigns of your competitors, and determine what quite content they’re using so as to emulate them or draw some ideas from them.

Also, Facebook is a superb thanks to know the issues , goals and aspirations of your audience and therefore the more you recognize the more you’ll be ready to know the angles that you simply should use to market this audience, and thus provide offers, services and products that solve these problems and help them achieve their goals.


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